Cimitero azzurro (first feature)

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Cimitero azzurro

Cimitero azzurro

Cimitero azzurro

original title:

Cimitero azzurro

directed by:


Rosario Vona, Edo Tagliavini, Gerardo Lamattina, Antonio Mauro, Marianna Barbani, Diana Cardenas, Alexandra Opris, Costantin Ciobanu, Erika Király, Sandra Buturuga, Magdalena Ewa Klimkiewicz, Sergio Carioli, Raffaella Sutter, Salvatore Santoro, Simona Ciobanu, Agnes Illes, Ioan Bonis (Onu), Daniel Golovaschi, Mihaela Ciobanu, Stefan Costan



Gerardo Lamattina, Federica Ruozi

costume design:

Zoe Francia Lamattina

visual effects:

Matteo Sangiorgi


Gerardo Lamattina, Monica Francia, Salvatore Santoro, Nicola Barchet, Raffaella Sutter


Lab Media Store, Associazione Cantieri





film run:




release date:


Rosario is an ordinary man who lives with superficiality and indifference every human relationship, until a tragic accident forces him to come to terms with himself, leading him to take a trip to Romania, which perhaps will forever change his life.

Rosario is the main character of our story, an ordinary man, a petty, catatonic, ethereal protagonist, at ease in a cowardly, hypocritical provincial town of small-time Italy. When life tragically hands him an opportunity for redemption, he rises to the challenge, but he can’t break his shell of cynicism, lack of emotions and indifference.
In his journey, which is both real and metaphorical, there are no love, no joie de vivre, not even that dull joy that sometimes people without problems or who do not ask questions carry around. Not even when he meets a world so different from his, made of people who are simple and generous with no apparent reason.
We might only hope for redemption, a sudden glare, but such things happen only in movies and the conclusion will be ordinary, just like his life.
This idea was born from my deep desire to tell a story which was realistic, but at the same time imbued with a metaphorical dimension. The journey starts from the claustrophobic concreteness of a small and industrious town in Northern Italy, and it reaches, after having crossed Europe, the very borders of Romania, where the Happy Cemetery is located, in a tiny village that seems alien to the world we know. Rosario gets there to complete his journey and find his answers.
But he is a protagonist with a weak mind for a weak story, feeble as real life, in which changes do not happen suddenly, and when they happen, they do not stand out like in movies… Thus this is not a movie...