Magic Alps

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Magic Alps

Magic Alps

original title:

Magic Alps


Giovanni Storti, Hassan El Aouni, Camilla Antoniotti, Fabio De Marco, Massimiliano De Mattia


set design:

Chiara Luna Mauri

costume design:







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Ready (08/01/2018)

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Exhausted and covered in dust, the Afghan shepherd Said and his goat Salimah finally arrive at the Italian border. Since escaping Afghanistan, they have had only one destination on their minds: the Italian Alps. Said has promised Salimah that he would her to see the snow to remind her when she was happy living in the Afghanistan mountains before the war devastated everything. The Italian immigration officer is shocked. It’s the first time a migrant arrives with an animal. He notifies the government in Rome about them and the Council of Ministers convenes to decide what to do. When the Minister of Health asks the officer to isolate the goat from the others because she can carry diseases, Said closes himself in the bathroom, yelling that he won’t open the door until Salimah and he are reunited. The immigration officer tries to calm him down but Said doesn’t want to get out. When the Interior Minister orders Said sent back to Greece because he landed there first, the officer is in a tough spot. While he tries to find the right words to reveal the decision of the government to Said, the Council of Ministers decides to put the animal down…and now other refugees have arrived and they can’t afford to lose too much time...