Peggio per me

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Peggio per me

Peggio per me

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Peggio per me

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Riccardo Camilli, Claudio Camilli, Tania Angelosanto, Laura Nardi, Simone Destrero, Stefano Martinelli, Angelo Orlando, Angela Ciaburri, Alessandra Ferro, Marianna Pistilli, Sara Magoni, Ferruccio Lanza, Arianna Bonardi, Alessandro Mancini, Paolo Galli, Silvio Cafini








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Rome, 1986. Francesco and Carlo are two twelve year old classmates. Instead of doing their homework, they are playing around with a boombox creating funny mix tapes of TV shopping shows and adult movies... They are laughing hard until Carlo's mom, furious when she finds out, steps in and separates them abruptly. Cut to 30 years later. Francesco is a 42 year old who tried to build a quiet and normal life. But in just a few months, everything seems to crumble upon him: his wife left him; he had to move back in with his mother; his 12 year old daughter sees him as a loser; he loses his job as a teacher for special needs students; and his friend Carlo, who's been depressed for years and barricaded himself at home where he lives with his own mother, harbors some old grudges towards him. Francesco's world seems to have shattered, and he feels like he can't make a difference in anyone's life anymore. He's driving, while listening to one of the old tapes he and Carlo made as wannabe DJs. Dejected, he parks the car by a bridge in the countryside. He's about to carry out the most extreme and desperate of actions... but just when he's climbing over, a boy's voice from far away stops him just in time. Terrorized, Francesco walks, back to his car, but no one's there...