Domina Maris (first feature)

original title:

Domina Maris

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Development/Pre-production (07/12/2018)

Enea is a sensitive and curious child who lives in the Sardinian countryside, near the sea, with his little brothers and his father. All family deals with biodynamic agriculture and for this reason they live in a old ruin far from modernity. They live and work following the principle of an ecological and sustainable system of agricultural production and they believe that their farm is a independent body. Their everyday life changes when a construction site is opened in rural areas nearby their farm to build a summer tourist facility: “Domina Maris”. Enea and his brothers come into contact with a new and different world from the one they knew, a world made of easy money and junk food, a world which represents a new chance for their future and which allows the to discover a truth about the past about which the father had never told them about it. The meeting between Enea and Jeanne, a French tourist, brings back memories of his mother until discover the tragic truth about her death: she died for lack of care by her husband during her postpartum depression. From that moment the child moves away from his father and his principles which can be dangerous in some circumstances...