Get Big

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Get Big

Get Big

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Get Big


Gabriele Bocchio, Andrea Crosetto, Anna Di Jorio, Nima Farzaneh, Eugenio Festa, Marco Franza, Luna Granzotto, Andrea Pagano, Enrico Randazzo, Fabrizio Ravetta, Valentino De Chiara

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Ready (07/02/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • Sport Film Festival 2018: Special Prize
  • Overtime Film Festival 2018: Pindaro Award
  • Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018: Official Selection

Is there a sport in which winning is not the only goal? The answer is yes, it is Ultimate Frisbee and is played without a referee. You don't believe it? Wait for the next Olympic Games or get ready to watch this Get Big is the first Italian feature-length documentary about Ultimate.

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. It was born in American counterculture at the end of the 60s. Now it is played all over the world and it is founded on fair play and Spirit of the Game. There is no referee and players call their own fouls. Following Beefree, a team from Turin, we'll find out about a game that could teach us a lot. Throughout the championship games, it won't miss a chance to live the original Spirit of the Game. Indeed, we'll see our players during a great hat beach tournament, on the island of Sardinia. Will Beefree be able to maintain the balance between the soul of Ultimate and the desire to win?