Escape for the freedom

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Escape for the freedom (Fuga per la libertà)

Escape for the freedom (Fuga per la libertà)

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Fuga per la libertà







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Ready (15/02/2018)

In the mid-60s, Emanuela' s family hosted some refugees,who had fled from eastern Europe and who were based in a refugee camp in Latina, a town 70 km south of Rome.
In her house there are still many photos and letters.
Emanuela started to look for the people. She finds Alex who was 22 years old, when in 1982 he escaped from Romania. Then Aurelia, Polish, who escaped aged 20 in 1980. And Mihai, who wrote a book about his escape in the seventies from Romania.What has become of their lives, and what they remember of that period of transition from the east to the west?
After many years they make a painful journey into their past, remembering the pursuit of freedom, coming back to the refugee camp, meeting the people who worked there and finding many documents in the archives: photographs, cards, numbers and letters.
There is also the card of the Russian director Andrey Tarkosky.
The refugee camp of Latina housed about 100,000 refugees escaping from east Europe between 1956 (invasion of Hungary) and 1989 (the fall of the Berlin Wall).
After a few months in the camp, they went to Canada, Australia and the United States.