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Antonio Menegazzo, Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Marcel Marceau, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Frank Sinatra, Fabio Gemo



Roger Subirana


Redstring Pictures, Dna Cultura


Italy / USA



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Ready (19/02/2012)

Antonio Menegazzo was born in Padua in 1892, acute personality, ironic and creative, and after the war went on the Carso, became one of the most famous Italian illustrators and poster designers. It 'soul and supporter of the Cenacle of the artists attached to the bar via Gorizia in Padua and Taverna poets in the bar in Via S. Lucia will decorated. At the beginning of the forties decided to devote himself to painting, first in silence, then publicly participating in the Interprovincial Verona and Venice, the Fourth Exhibition of contemporary art to the gallery-editor "Le Tre Venezie" and the Award Favretto. In the fifties is in Caracas where he states with great decorations and easel paintings. When his fame was at its height was discovered by the famous art gallery in Los Angeles Silvan Simone, who organized an exhibition in December 1960. Amen is received with the honors usually reserved to the great artists and soon established itself as the painter loved by celebrities. He settled in a villa that is making them available to Berverly Hills. John Wayne, Rod Taylor, Marilyn Maxwell, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Marcel Marceau, Abbe Lane, director Richard Quine become collectors and friends. Successive exhibitions in Los Angeles, Pasadena, S. Francisco S. Diego, Paris, London. Homesick left Hollywood at the height of his statement, following the purchase of a painting by the Museum in Los Angeles. He returned to Italy in 1969, Carlo Munari who had always followed the organized an exhibition at Pancheri of Rovereto and a major retrospective at Levi in Milan. In 1972 he won the Prix Segantini. But his condition worsened. He died in November 1974, before the age of 82 years. The documentary "Amen. The painter who caught the imagination of Hollywood", tells the incredible adventure of Amen, man, illustrator and painter who was able to find a way to fly with the imagination far beyond the dreams and giving voice, with lightness and poetic melancholy, of a nation of creatures minimum and dreamy, actors eternally beginners circus of life, thin and lanky figures rose to prominence in shady areas as extras in a scene lost.