Towards Elsewhere

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Towards Elsewhere (Verso un altrove)

Towards Elsewhere (Verso un altrove)

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Verso un altrove

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Benjamin Tissot






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Tommy Fontana, a thirty-five year old Italian, leaves prison after having served a long prison term. Recluded for participating in a robbery with a lot of injuries. His accomplices have got away with it thanks to his silence. On his release Tommy is given the basic necessity kit, a support for a few, but totally inadequate: 50 euros, a railway ticket, and a good lodging for a night in the hotel. On exiting the prison, even on this occasion, there is no one waiting for him. Therefore Tommy has before him only 24 hours to find a solution to his livelihood. Tommy is forced to commit some crimes to recover the money he deserves, but he will do it without firing a single shot, without hurting anyone. A path that will lead him unexpectedly very far, to Holland. In Amsterdam, Tommy finds refuge with a prostitute, Irina, a Romanian girl with various problems. Between these two solitudes a partnership is born, and little by little also love. It will not be easy, but in the end, both Tommy and Irina, will be able to radically change their lives and their destinies, in a completely peaceful.