Papa Francesco - La mia idea di arte

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Papa Francesco - La mia idea di arte

Papa Francesco - La mia idea di arte

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Papa Francesco - La mia idea di arte











Ready (07/03/2017)

The relationship between Church and Art has always been very close and many Popes expressed their thoughts on Art and its function. However, never happened before that a Pope decided to dedicate a book to Art. With “My Idea of Art” (edited by Tiziana Lupi ed. Mondadori - Vatican Museums) Pope Bergoglio clearly expresses his point of view on what Art is and on what it should be: credible witness of the Creation Beauty, tool of evangelization and instrument to counter the culture of the scrap. Pope Francis thus suggests a series of artworks to describe his idea. The documentary “My idea of art” is therefore a very unusual art guide, following the path indicated by Pope Francis, walking into his ideal art gallery, alongside the Vatican Museums, Saint Peter Square and the Vatican Basilica.
On this route we will see the Belvedere Torso, La dea che allatta un bambino, Il buon pastore, St. Peter Obelisk, San Pietro in Cattedra, The Works of Mercy, The Deposition by Caravaggio, the Sistine Chapel, the Christ the Worker and The Virgen de Luján both by Alejandro Marmo and as well the Renault 4 donated to the Pontiff by Don Renzo Zocca from Verona.
This documentary aims to tell, to the viewer, what Pope Francis imagines in his book: “The Vatican Museums have to be the most beautiful place and the most hospitable. It must throw open its doors to the world”.