Incontriamoci (first feature)

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original title:


directed by:


Mario Donatone, Francesca Marcone, Laura Fazio, Johnny Messana, Ashai Lombardo, Massimiliano Petrangeli, Dominga Giardullo, Silvana Roccapalumba


set design:

Gertrude Pace

costume design:

Elina Maria Vaakanainen


Gianmarco Castagna





film run:




release date:


Claudia e Roberto bump into each other after so many years. Roberto is back from Colombia where he got married, and Claudia always on her quest to work in the showbiz as an actress. Together with her two friends, Maurizio, italian dancer and choreographer, and Emily, Afro-Italian dancer and singer, she goes to a casting. Disappointment is behind the corner though. After the her first impression of doing well, Claudia finds out that someone else got the part thanks to recommendations and stuff. On top if this Claudia also discovers that her friend Roberto omitted that his colombian wife is in jail for drug dealing, and he is also in the drug businness. Claudia with her stong will and Sara’s help, an older friend of her, will manage to make her dream come true. She sets up an association by the name of ‘INCONTIRAMOCI’, with the aim to put together young artist from all over the world to show that artistic espression has no colour, nationalities or borders but simply based on meritocrasy. After a few days Claudia finds out she judged Roberto and his wife too quickly when she discovers they have been trying to adopt a colombian baby. Claudia, together with her friends, organizes the first ‘INCONTRIAMOCI’ event in a beautiful theathre with dances and music where artists of several nationalities will take part.