Shadow of the Wolf (first feature)

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Shadow of the Wolf (L'ombra del lupo)

Nico is a violent policeman, suspended from duty for hurting very badly a drug dealer. He is back in town to pay his last respects to his sick mother, with whom he has not spoken in years. Meanwhile in the surrounding forest margins are found horribly dismembered corpses, as if to kill was a big animal. In the country we are talking about the wolf, an old legend. Some disturbing dreams and situations that Nico does not remember to have lived, raise serious doubts about what is really going on. He will ask for help from Alba, his friend of all time, and to an old history professor of popular traditions, believed to be holding the key to the mystery of the killings. Nico discovers that his connection with the Wolf is anything but accidental, and to return to one’s life can not help but kill him.