Acqua Marcia dogs

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Acqua Marcia dogs (I cani dell'Acqua Marcia)

Acqua Marcia dogs (I cani dell'Acqua Marcia)

original title:

I cani dell'Acqua Marcia

directed by:


Ottavio Rosati, Maurizio Stupiggia, Francesco Marzano, Winnie, Duffy, Fabio Bonvicini, Mario Trevi








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This movie is a "bricconaggio" that is, a cathartic performance that the protagonist of a traumatic event realizes for himself, without a psychodramatic group. Rosati produced this movie for the Ipod-Plays psychotherapy school in Rome (Italy) and presented it during a sociodrama about Rage according to the psycho-neurologist Jaak Panksepp.The story is the real and spontaneous catharsis of a double betrayal that Rosati suffered, 24 years ago: one by his young partner Mario (a boy who was handsome, talented and traumatized by a difficult and poor family) for whom Ottavio had left - after six years of engagement - his fiancee. The second trauma was caused by a famous Jungian psychoanalyst (Rosati’s former teacher) to whom he sent Mario in therapy paying the fees. Unfortunately, the Master (married and with children) was unable to make a brave Coming Out in his erotic life and preferred to make a secret Acting Out in his profession. For the Rosati it was a trauma on more levels. The analyst, when Ottavio caught them on the fact, tried to move the feelings of guilt and shame on Ottavio who entered the study interrupting the sexual "session". This stereophonic betrayal articulated on several levels, led Rosati to a PTSD and to a dispersion of the identity from which he slowly emerged thanks to a new analysis, EMDR and meditation. And thanks to Padre Pio da Petralcina to whom he asked for Spiritual Help. After the death of the Master, in summer of 2018, Rosati revealed his trauma. In the movie the therapist Maurizio Stupiggia (voice off) speaks about the structure of affective trauma. A protagonist of the movie is Francesco Marzano a brave, affectionate and intelligent Auxiliary Ego of Rosati also in the (para-psychodramatic) re-actualization of the traumatic emotions elaborated in a dramatic play that Sandor Ferenczi would have called "Mutual analysis". Stefano Carta, Ottavio’s supervisor, suggested to mask parts of the video to avoid a traumatic impact on the sons, nephews and students of the famous analyst who, on an intellectual level, has always deserved the highest esteem and enjoys Italy and abroad. The movie shows that the cause of the trauma was not the teacher but his painful and internalized homophobia that in those years was very strong for many persons. The movie shows that the setting of traditional psychoanalysis and the traditional cult of privacy can be dangerous. The Openess of psychocinema (of Jacob Levi Moreno) and social media require courage and creativity but they are the tools of a therapeutic revolution. "Plays" hopes that "I cani dell'Acqua Marcia" will help many people in need.