Storia di un Buddha (first feature)

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Storia di un Buddha

Storia di un Buddha

original title:

Storia di un Buddha

directed by:


Giuseppe Scaglione, Giuseppe Pollicina, Cettina Bucca, Giuseppe Lioti, Salvatore Cilona, Giuseppina Maimone




Giulio Quattrocchi





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A boy who grew up in luxury and with every comfort and satisfaction, following the death of the best friend (cause, overdose of alcohol and drugs). It suddenly becomes aware of how fragile and important human existence is; "Exploits" that shock to start a path of awareness aimed at changing totally mentality and lifestyle, so in the grip of this new unknown "internal state of necessity" immediately leaves the family, friends, his girlfriend and all sorts of sustenance , materialism and comfort; starting on a journey into the unknown to discover himself, facing each of his inner fear and demon, succeeding after a thousand efforts, not only to achieve inner peace (thus limiting that emptiness that no luxury has ever been able to fill), but also through the meditation among the most marvelous naturalistic landscapes, the authentic awakening of conscience follows, that is the apex of supreme consciousness .. After he reached enlightenment, he immediately returns to the city of his loved ones, and shares with them, this that has realized, that is, the authentic inner richness, expanding and radiating, for the rest of its existence, this extraordinary and altruistic message of awakening of the conscience that progressively generates an unconditioned beatitude, thus throwing the authentic foundations for the for what "Here and now" can turn into the real "happy world".