L'arte del fauno

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L'arte del fauno

L'arte del fauno

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L'arte del fauno

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Massimo Sannelli, Gian Paolo Enrì, Angelo Spaggiari, Michele Capozzi, Massimo Marottoli, Alberto Lupia, Shadia Salem, Francesca Morando, Mattia Meda, Armando Presta, Elena Saladino, Arianna Ilardi, Chiara Adezati, Diego Meldi, Roberta Barabino, Samantha Iacocca



FainàlFilm, SDAC, with the support of Genova Liguria Film Commission





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Ready (29/03/2017)

The Performing Faun is a documentary about a grotesque and dramatic life. The main character is a modern Genoese Charlot, Massimo Sannelli: a stylish multitasking artist, whose irony is public, while his desperation is private. His pain is not just economic, although the Faun is a real scavenger: he cooks rescued food and draws water from public fountain. He's intellectual, hot-blooded and sad; he's also a romancer, a lady-killer and a great gagger. When the gratuitous fun is finished, the Faun recites his best monologues and collapses. He's a reclusive character and speaks sincerely, unremittingly. He decides to close himself in his favourite environment: an old house on the Harbour front. Nature is never a problem: it's the beautiful space you can see from the roof. The torture is other people; but the hermit, the performing Faun, discovers a chance to resist a world he can't stand.