The Fabulous Trickster

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The Fabulous Trickster (The Fabulous Trickster - In viaggio con Antonio Infantino)

The Fabulous Trickster (The Fabulous Trickster - In viaggio con Antonio Infantino)

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The Fabulous Trickster - In viaggio con Antonio Infantino

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Antonio Infantino, Monica Belardinelli, Luigi Cinque, Agostino Cortese


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Ready (30/12/2018)

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The central character of the story together with Luigi Cinque himself - on stage as a traveler look - is Antonio Infantino. It is through him and his music that we want to recount the lights and shadows of an extraordinary traditional culture, of its disadaptation with respect to the mercantile society. Antonio was in the seventies eighty the "king of taranta" and at the same time one of the most extraordinary characters - as Fernanda Pivano said - of the Italian culture of the last fifty years.
Architect, poet, folksinger, director, essayist. A journey through time and space in search of an essential truth of the world taking up the Pythagorean wisdom of the 5th century BC, through a tour and a swirl of truly extraordinary characters. Dragging music and a question. And as in a sort of realistic "lost ark" it is a question that intrigues, interests and involves all the characters we meet in this story. Everyone is interested in the phenomenon of Tarantism. To its mysterious origin but also to its most popular implication or its commercial exploitation, or, as in part in our case, beyond specifically musical details, more or less fashionable, to the intimate heart of tarantism.
It has very archaic origins. It sinks in a wisdom of which we have traces in the sixth century BC in that Metaponto of Pythagoras and of the Pythagoreans, which is still today a noble part of Lucania. To see well is a precise soul of the south. An essential mystery, one of the protagonists will say, comparing it to the refinement of a precious perfume. A feature film about a character and a truly extraordinary place and music. An original and "blues" way of telling a very strong and meaningful character for contemporary musical and philosophical thought between science and magic