Il Metodo Kempinsky (first feature)

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Il Metodo Kempinsky

original title:

Il Metodo Kempinsky

directed by:


Lele Panzeri, Renata Mézenov Sa, Lucio Bellomo, Andrea Longo, Andrea Russo, Antonio Di Peppo, Ezio Calosso, Tony Menéndez




Sigillum S






film run:




festivals & awards:

  • First Hermetic International Film Festival 2019: Best Experimental Film - Vitriol Award
  • CCMA Cult Critic Movie Awards - Kolkata 2019: Best Experimental Film
  • LAUFF Los Angeles Underground Film Forum 2019: Honorable Mention

A man, having reached an age that only allows one to take stock of his life, embarks on a solitary journey on board an abandoned sailboat. We don't know who he is, or where he's going.
His voice-over speaks of bitter reflections, memories of youth, unassuaged passions. In his own mind he is accompanied by three strange and shady characters, embodiments of the diverse aspects of his personality: the perennial melancholic, the mad creative, the introverted child. He is also followed at a distance by a feminine entity, who in turn narrates to her assistant, a sort of loafing Charon, the umpteenth human adventure. In order to escape his own torments, the man decides to abandon ship with only a mysterious, padlocked Pinocchio for company, and finds himself shipwrecked on a land that looks alien to him, but also familiar. Here he tries to find answers to his misgivings, and strives to understand where best to go and make sense of what's happening to him. But it's all to no avail. Instead he plummets ever deeper into a maelstrom of confusion, and tries to find a measure of comfort dipping casually into the mixed bag of his memories. Only when the woman will show herself, lovingly teasing him, will he finally discover what's inside the Pinocchio and the bitter truth that awaits him. Then he will finally set out towards what he loves the most, and at the same time towards the epilogue we are all bound for. Be it spiritual, material or simply non-existent, it's not for us to know.