the Forbidden fashion

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the Forbidden fashion (La moda proibita)

the Forbidden fashion (La moda proibita)

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La moda proibita

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Roberto Capucci, Enrico Minio, Ottavio Rosati, Adriana Mulassano, Sidival Fila, Pierluigi Luisi, Fabrizio Del Noce, Raina Kabaivanska, Alessandro Tonassi, Luca Bonanni, Gina Cimmino, Nick Rizzini


Filippo Orrù, Nicolai Berger, Alessandro Carlini, Luca Carlini, Cesare Bifulco


Pasquale Laino


Plays, Fondazione Roberto Capucci, Jean Vigo Italia, with the support of Anm – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità, Film Commission Regione Campania

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Ready (26/04/2018)

The documentary "THE FORBIDDEN FASHION" written and directed by Ottavio Rosati, produced by Plays doc ® in collaboration with Jean Vigo Italia in collaboration with Fondazione Capucci , uses a series of meetings within two years for events such as the Looking for Royalty exhibition at the Reggia di Venaria Reale in Turin or Roberto Capucci and the Young People at Palazzo Moraldo in Milan. It has received testimonials from the Soprano Raina Kabaivanska, Giorgio Armani, the scientist Pierluigi Luisi, the Princess Maria della Pace Odescalchi, the stylist Anna Fendi, the textile painter Sidival Fila and other colleagues and friends of the Master.
We show Capucci who said ‘no’ to the actress Anna Magnani or to the foolish daughter of a Minister and who took care of scientist Rita Levi Montalcini, creating for her Nobel Price a gala dress with wings and tails in Caravaggio’s colours. There are also young testimonials as a sexy boyfriend of a girl who, unable to buy her wedding dress, spent the night in a close museum inside the wonderful dress "Red Bride".
Our Capucci is not a stylist but a genial and capricious creator who has paid every price to follow his art because "Who is in Fashion is already out of Fashion". The documentary, in addition to well-known creations (such as “Ocean”, made with two hundred meters of silk), presents for the first time the animation of his imaginary characters stumbling through the sequences of the movie.