L'aria sul viso

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L'aria sul viso

L'aria sul viso

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L'aria sul viso

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Ready (21/02/2018)

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It’s been eight years since the day Martina Caironi’s life forever changed, since that Friday, November 2nd, in which because of a road accident with a hit- and-run driver, she lost part of her left legs. She was 18. Today Martina is an extraordinary athlete: she became a champion in a short while and she currently is the fastest woman with protheses in the world. On the horizon there is a special, unique and magical event: Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro on September 2016. Martina is faced with months full of workouts, strain, emotions, fears. She won’t need out on this long journey alone: she’ll go on it with friends, family and coaches. Paralympics Games are not her first important competition, but for Martina, now an athlete to all intents and purposes, recognized by national and international press, Rio de Janeiro is a goal full of expectation, awareness, responsibility. Martina is on the starting blocks, her eyes are focused forward, ready, once again, to Feel the Wind.