Margins (first feature)

original title:


directed by:


Alessandro Veridiani

set design:

Vito Giuseppe Zito

costume design:


Alessandro Pieravanti








In post-production (23/05/2021)

Three friends try to organize a gig for a famous punk band in their small and boring town in Italy.
Edoardo, Iacopo e Michele are the three young members of a punk band from Grosseto, a small and quiet town in the Tuscan Maremma. Tired of performing in cheap contexts like embarrassing local festivals, they finally have the opportunity of opening for a popular hardcore American band in Bologna: the Defense, one of their favourite bands.
Everything is ready when, on the day of departure, they receive a call from the organisers: the concert fell through.
Edo, Iac and Miche don’t give up. This was their redemption moment and they can’t reconcile with the cancellation of the show: if they can’t play with the Defense in Bologna, it means the Defense will come to Grosseto. They call the manager of the American band and, surprisingly, they accept the offer, excited to visit one of the most authentic parts of Tuscany.
The three buddies start setting up the concert, completely fired up and confident of handling this challenge.
Nevertheless, the small-town reality and the grotesque mentality of its inhabitants make things difficult, if not impossible: every single detail turns out into a giant and insurmountable problem.
The arrival of the band is inexorably sneaking up and, besides the doubtful turnout of the endeavour, their personal lives are on shaky ground as well. The risk is to lose something precious and irreplaceable that they have always been taking for granted: their strong and unique friendship.