The First Stone

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The First Stone (La prima pietra)

The First Stone (La prima pietra)

The First Stone (La prima pietra)

original title:

La prima pietra

directed by:


Rolando Ravello, Stefano Di Santi, from the play by Stefano Massini


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On the eve of the Christmas festivities, the Montessori school is abuzz with excitement as the elementary students rehearse for the traditional show. Because of the poor funding, the show appears not to have met the expectations of the headmaster, who has a manical interest in this event. A school window is shattered by a stone thrown by Farouk Hatab, a boy of Middle Eastern origin. Summoned by the school, the boy's mother, accompanied by her mother-in-law, arrives to discuss how the events unfolded, as well as possible compensation for the damage done. In a single room, then, is a group of absolutely heterogeneous and incompatible people, pointing their fingers at one another: Ms. Hatab, Farouk's mother, in never-ending conflict with her intolerant mother-in-law; two injured janitors, who first seek reconciliation but quickly turn aggressive; the teacher, Ms. Roversi, a naive character who turns out to be less tolerant than expected; and the Headmaster, concerned only with the success of his Christmas pageant. The discussion over the thrown stone trascends the school's boundaries and becomes physical, spreading among the other... the Christmas show finally begins. restoring peace in people's sould.... maybe...