Più de la vita

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Più de la vita

Più de la vita

original title:

Più de la vita

directed by:


Michele Sambin, Pierangela Allegro







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festivals & awards:

  • BAM - Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo 2019: Panorama
  • International Moving Film Festival 2019: Feature Documentary
  • Le Meraviglie del Possibile 2019: Festival Internazionale di Teatro Arte e Nuove Tecnologie 2019: Panorama
  • Festival de Cinema de Alter do Chão 2019: Longas Internacionais
  • On Paper 2019: Panorama
  • Arte Non Stop Festival - Festival Internacional de Cine y Arte 2019: Mediometrajes - Premio Mejor Direccion Femenina
  • Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz 2019: Film Art-Filme a Concurso - Prémio de Melhor Filme na Categoria Documentário, Prémio de Melhor Montagem num Documentário
  • Sole Luna Sguardi Doc Treviso 2019: Veneto Doc
  • Lago Film Fest 2019: Evento Speciale
  • On Art Film Festival 2019: Panorama Best Feature Film
  • Asolo Art Film Festival 2019: Feature Films on Art
  • Serra Film Festival 2019: Panorama

The film narrates four decades of the artistic itinerary of Michele Sambin, a pioneer of video-art and experimental cinema of the 1970's, a creator/designer of performances, theatrical shows, pictorial works, soundtracks.
His creativity is endless, mixing images, ideas, projects that distance him from beaten paths and from present approaches.
The artistic venture of Sambin overlaps and experiments diverse technologies within their evolution, from the analogue video to digital painting, from traditional instruments to electronic music. Throughout the artist's works, the film offers a direct glimpse on art understood as concrete work that crosses time and transforms space.
Archival materials alternated with shots capturing the artist concentrated on his work in settings that he personally constructed and that reflect his artistic character and personality: the “northern” house in the historical centre of Padua and the “southern” house in the country side of the Salento.
The “northern” house reflects an introspective dimension, his life dedicated to his work, orientated towards continually doing; the “southern” one, the need for open mindedness, the rediscovered relationship with natural elements.
The title, “More than life”, originates from Ruzante - an Italian playwrighter of the 1500's, well loved by Sambin - who in his last letter/will reflected the importance that life must be lived to the fullest with increased awareness and intensity: a vast life, rather than a long one.
The film lingers on the importance of art in contemporary society without intellectual abstractions, yet entering an intimate and concrete dimension with artistic work.