Goodbye Marilyn

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Goodbye Marilyn

original title:

Goodbye Marilyn

directed by:


Maria Pia Di Meo, Gianni Canova, Lucia Rocco


Oliviero Del Papa

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film run:





Ready (24/07/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • ShorTS – International Film Festival 2019: Maremetraggio
  • La Biennale di Venezia 2018: Giornate degli Autori - Special Events
  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2018: Cortometrajes
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2018: International Short Competition
  • Nastri d'Argento 2019: Finalista
  • Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2018: Concorso Corto Italia
  • Corto Lovere 2018: Concorso
  • Napoli Film Festival 2019: Menzione Speciale della Giuria
  • MedFilm Festival 2018: Women in Film
  • Afrodite Shorts 2018: Concorso
  • MoliseCinema 2019: Concorso
  • Corti in Cortile 2019: Concorso Sezione Animazione
  • Inventa un film 2019: Concorso Animazione
  • Edera Film Festival 2019: Concorso
  • Sardinia Film Festival 2019: Concorso Sezione Animazione
  • Linea d'Ombra 2018: Concorso

On her ninetieth birthday, Marilyn Monroe receives a letter from a journalist who would like to interview her. The great Hollywood diva has not given an interview for fifty years, not since her unexplained permanent retirement. Surprisingly, Marilyn decides to make an exception. The journalist tries to decipher the mystery behind the woman who, at the height of her success, gave up fame in the name of freedom, and became a legend.