The Sweeties (second feature)

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The Sweeties (Dolcissime)

Mariagrazia, Chiara and Letizia are inseparable friends forced to come to terms every day with the hated extra kilos, looks of disapproval from their schoolmates and giggles in the school hallways. Mariagrazia suffers for the confrontation with her mother (Valeria Solarino), a former sports champion. Chiara has a chat with a peer, but she is too afraid to send him her photo. Letizia has a talent for music but too much shame to show it. After the umpteenth teasing, an unexpected opportunity for redemption comes from the popular and beautiful Alice, captain of the synchronized swimming school team, forced by a blackmail to train them in secret. The three girls embark on an impossible challenge, driven into the water by their desire for revenge. They will end up plunging their lives in that of their rival, approaching each other day after day, exercise after exercise, smile after smile. A story all in one gulp until the last dive, about the incredible strength of friendship beyond the stumbling, the unexpected and any diversity.