Girls don't Cry (first feature)

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Girls don't Cry (Le ragazze non piangono)

Girls don't Cry (Le ragazze non piangono)

original title:

Le ragazze non piangono

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festivals & awards:

  • Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2023: Compétition
  • Beijing International Film Festival 2022: Forward Future
  • Rome Film Fest 2022: Alice nella città - Panorama Italia
  • Festival Del Cinema Di Spello e Dei Borghi Umbri 2023: Premio Miglior Casting
  • Roze Filmdagen 2023 Official Selection
  • Frameline 2023
  • Outshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2023
  • Andaras Traveling Film Festival 2023: Menzione Speciale
  • Adriatic Film Festival 2023: Miglior Opera Prima
  • Social World Film Festival 2023: Focus
  • Siciliambiente 2023: Concorso Fiction
  • Capua Film Fest 2023
  • Marateale 2023: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Est Film Festival 2023: Opere Prime
  • Not Film Fest 2023: Best Performance
  • La Primavera del Cinema Italiano 2023
  • Sinfonie di Cinema 2023
  • Salento International Film Festival 2023: Miglior Regia
  • Napoli Film Festival 2023: Selezione Ufficiale

Ele is 19 years old but it's as if she's stuck in pre-adolescence, a period in which she lost her father. She is a lonely, introverted girl who lives with her mother and her partner in a small town in Basilicata, far from the places where she grew up. Despite the upcoming high school final, all she can think about is her father's old RV, abandoned in a shed since he died and now ready to be scrapped. For her, that RV is a trunk full of memories that she absolutely does not want to give away.
Mia is 22 years old. Four years ago, she left her little sister and an alcoholic father in the modest house on the outskirts of Bucharest where she lived.
Now she works for a cleaning company, but she is hoping for the big break that will get her and Radu, the boy she ran away with in Italy, a fresh start.
Mia and Ele meet by chance, they become buddies while secretly smoking in the school's fire escape and their worlds, so far apart, collide. So, when Ele finds herself running away with the RV after a furious fight with her mother, she finds Mia inside, having taken refuge there a few hours earlier.
Mia tells her that she has been thrown out of the house and that she needs a ride north to reunite with Radu and finally return to Romania. Ele, determined to take that RV to Lele's, an old friend of her father's, in Trentino, cannot back out.
The double escape soon turns into a real journey, in which the gallery of characters they will meet along the way will lead them to relate to the issues of growth, independence, the ability to rebel.
Starting from Lucia, a young mother with a passion for astrology, to Piero, a robot vacuum cleaner salesman who is staying in a motel, passing by a funny gas station attendant and a mysterious man who has unfinished business with Mia, we arrive in the coveted Trentino, in search of an old cabin in the middle of the woods.
Mia and Ele share an important journey, through places now magnificent, now degraded, which will force them to come to terms with their own ghosts and to grow up. After an initial mistrust of each other, the two girls, between adventures and unexpected revelations, bind themselves deeply to each other. So much so that, at a certain point in the journey, Ele almost thinks she's fallen in love with Mia.
When her feelings come out, along with the truth about Mia's past, their relationship will be put to the test.
But the journey must continue, and the destination will be bigger and more important than the one they have set: an inner place where they would never have arrived without each other.