Ferretti brothers vs Real Madrid (first feature)

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original title:

Fratelli Ferretti contro Real Madrid

directed by:


Rodolfo Mantovani, Daniele Ridolfi, Ashai Lombardo Arop, Francesco Rossini, Mauro Cardinali, Giulia Zeetti, Roberta Rossi, Stefano Galiotto, Martina Giannini, Simone Marcelli, Maria Porcu, Daniela Cordinonne, Diego Abbati, Giorgio Scacciatella


Giacobbe Gamberini, Laura Torre

set design:

Marta Tazza

costume design:

Rosa Mariotti


Mauro Mela






film run:



2K - colour

release date:


Achille is an aqua aerobics teacher with a past as waterpolo international player. He lives near Perugia and at the age of 43 still dreams to become a sport champion, no matter the sport. He wants to join the golf team but his miniature golf skills aren’t so appreciated at the golf club. His dream is fading off but when he discovers that miniature golf is an actual sport his hope rise again. What he needs to have a real chance to become a champion in minigolf is the mathematical help of his brother Ferruccio. He was a maths professor in America and he just quitted his job and got back home after having a psychic breakdown. The brothers don’t see each other since their mother’s funeral 18 years ago. The renewed cohabitation isn’t simple but with Noelle’s help, the young african immigrant waitress at the local bar, the brothers get back to be a team as they were as children when they were able to face even the great Real Madrid.

Ferretti brothers vs Real Madrid is a comedy and as every italian comedy it grounds its roots (knowingly or not) into the great tradition of the “commedia all’italiana”. A contemporary setting, ordinary people and precisely located in a real place: the Perugia province. A story about characters who might be real and live close to us (actually I know some of them), that we can meet at the supermarket or in the doctor’s waiting room. Their private and little stories some how tells also our stories. From the “commedia all’italiana”, bastard and sometimes not even so much loved daughter of the more noble “neorealismo”, in Ferretti brothers vs Real Madrid there also is certain distance from the characters life’s events that let the stories rise up from themselves. But sometimes in the Ferrettis story a variable not even the Ferruccio’s infinite mathematics can foreseen takes place. That little sparkle of magic as a secret ingredient that makes the story unique. A music at a precise moment, a flashback, an epiphany and everything gets a new color, a new flavor a new mood. We believe that the audience is willing to identify itself with daily characters who looks like someone we already know and look at what happens in the characters’ life, especially if it’s magic, with joyful amusement.