Between the dog and the wolf

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Between the dog and the wolf (Tra il cane e il lupo)

Between the dog and the wolf (Tra il cane e il lupo)

original title:

Tra il cane e il lupo

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Vincenzo “Vincenzone” Paudice, Sandro “Ciccio” Capriola Ranuccio Sodi, Giulia Sodi, Anita Giarmoleo, Maurizio Romanelli, Goffredo Fofi, Francesco Cavalli Sforza, Gabriella “Lella” Brusa Zappellini, Tanino Musso, Ercole Visconti, Diego Pozzato, Guiomar Parada, Fabrizio Ravelli, Andrea Bellini



Show Biz, Regione Lombardia, with the support of Lombardia Film Commission





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colour & b/w


Ready (25/09/2018)

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The film is developed in the style of fiction, using as its basis the archives of material produced by the CCM (Collettivo Cinema Militante, Milan’s Miltant Cinema Collective) and dealing with a period of fundamental importance in our recent history: the decade that began with the huge protests in the student world and the world of culture in general in 1968, embracing an autumn of rebellion and measuring up to the so-called “strategy of tension” and “years of lead”, to conclude with the break up of all these forms of keen participation by the “movements” in Italy’s social and political life. The thread of the film is partly dictated by the resources available in the archives and is designed to take up some of the decade’s crucial issues: from the grip of ideology on broad sectors of the protest that were initially open and libertarian, to the violent clashes on the streets in the period of mass attacks, to the separation of the avant-garde into its various factions and the sectorization of the hippy movement, right up to the explosion of the more spectacular topics from a theoretical point of view: feminism, the use of light and hard drugs, the use of arms, internal fighting and terrorist practices, even in mass marches.