Coming Home

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Coming Home (Tornando a casa)

Coming Home (Tornando a casa)

original title:

Tornando a casa

directed by:


German Rodriguez, Jorge Digilio, Pablo Pieretti, Cristian Disabato, Tomas Wolf, Simona Aria




Rolando Rauwolf

set design:

Graciela Fraguglia


Andres Rubinsztejn



Stuffilm, Esto del Cine, with the support of Regione Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Film Commission Torino Piemonte


Argentina / Italy



film run:





Ready (01/09/2019)

In 2014 Italian-Argentine filmmaker Ricardo Preve set off with a team of fellow divers in the hope of resolving one of the outstanding mysteries of the Second World War: where was the wreck of the Macalle? This Italian submarine hit a reef and sunk in 1940 close to Barra Musa Khebir, a small, remote island off the coast of Sudan. But his diving expedition was to reveal more than the submarine´s likely whereabouts. On his last day on the island, Preve stumbled across the unmarked grave of Carlo Acefalo, the only submariner to die there before the remaining 44 crewmembers were rescued. TORNANDO A CASA (88 minutes) tells the fascinating tale of the Macalle´s demise due to poisonous gas, how its crew members survived on a desert island with limited supplies, and how the Italian Navy had to race to rescue the survivors from the British, who were fast closing in to take them prisoners of war. It also tells the poignant story of Carlo and the small Acefalo family. Personal papers and military reports from the time help tell the story, along with interviews with descendants of the Macalle´s crew. Historical recreations, including the construction of parts of the submarine on a 1:1 scale in a studio, and exterior scenes were shot in Argentina. But the core of the film is Preve´s final expedition to the Red Sea in October 2017, when Acefalo´s remains were exhumed, identified, and turned over to the Italian authorities. He was buried in Italy on November 24, 2018.