Theaters of War: Beyond the Curtains

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Theaters of War: Beyond the Curtains

Theaters of War: Beyond the Curtains

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Theaters of War: Beyond the Curtains


Guillaume Bression


Italy / Ukraine



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Ready (05/11/2018)

“Theaters of War: Beyond the Curtains” is a journey in the territories of the first European civil war of the 21st century: in Ukraine, after the dramatic events that followed the first protests in Maidan Square in Kiev in november 2013 nobody was able to prevent the break out of this civil war on april 6th 2014 and the death of 10,000 ukrainians. Two photographers, from opposite parts of the front, give voice to characters who witness different ideas of independency, each of them in his/her own theater of war. The documentary portrays and entwines these lives in the conflict which, from 2014 to 2018, has been shedding blood on eastern Ukrainian soil. Their individual paths have led some to embrace guns and others to search for a difficult normality. Following with the camera the preparation of two shows in the theaters of Kiev and Donetsk, the film explores in parallel the other theaters of this war, in an attempt to identify, both in the job and in the arts, those contexts which could slowly help to rebuild a community encompassing all of its diversities. In all of them we have seen the pain that a civil conflict causes and how intense daily labour and art have given them the strength and the capacity to overcome their current condition. Therefore, the heart of the story moves from the trenches and from the border areas to the stage of the theaters, from the front to the workplace, from the tragic consequences of war to the construction of a possible peace. This war is being fought in Europe and, while having strong historical roots, it is made possible by a dimming propaganda system presenting differences as a cause of conflict rather than as a value. In this sense, the tragedy of Donbass exemplifies those experienced in other areas of conflict today.