The Last Night

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original title:

L'ultima notte

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Beatrice Schiros, Giuseppe Sepe, Francesca Turrini, Marco Marzaioli, Giovanni Funiati, Prince Obi, Susanna Ferretti, Luca Mazzamurro, Francesca Pignatti, Pablo Riccardi


Francesco Barozzi, Luca Speranzoni


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“The last night” is Bea's story, a woman in the midst of a personal crisis that is forced to leave the big city and move back to the country house where she was born, and where her brother and sister still live in abject poverty. Shaken by their living conditions and by her new rural reality, she nonetheless endeavors to fit in with the help of Emi, her meek but weird younger sister. Together they take care of the animals and plants of the small farmhouse, as their brother Franco works at a nearby breeding farm. When Bea invites them to change their lifestyle, she comes into direct conflict with Franco, who is slowly revealed to be quick-tempered and cruel. Bea discovers that her two siblings share the same ambiguous inclinations, and more than one secret. And she discovers that the most dangerous secret of all still lingers around them: in every word spoken, in the fields all around, in the foundations of the old house itself, and in their shared past.