Stai sereno! - Stay calm (first feature)

original title:

Stai sereno! - Stay calm

directed by:


Davide Dapporto, Nunzio Bertolami


set design:









In post-production (08/12/2018)

Giorgio Martini is the Minister of Culture in Italy’s official third republic of government. He is going through a rough patch. He is unpopular with voters and must beat the polls. He needs a break to come up with fresh ideas.
He decides to spend a weekend of total relax, away from the prying public, and in the arms of his lover, Pamela Galanti, a showgirl, who, like Giorgio, needs to propel back into the limelight. Unfortunately, things do not go as he had planned. A mysterious character, Enrico Altieri, reappears from the past. He forces the minister to unmask his soul and remember what he has forgotten over the years: He is vulnerable.
If only his voters could see him now: It would be a great show, the biggest election campaign in history. The proof that this man does something better than everyone else: Crying in public!
"The people want to see you cry. Like in a reality show!"
Giorgio reminds the audience that he is an aggressive politician who recognizes the big potential of technology. For this reason, he plots a memorable mise-en-scene that develops on a virtual online stage. Everything that the voyeur audience sees is true simply because it is being shared on social network platforms.