L'estate di Gino

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L'estate di Gino

L'estate di Gino

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L'estate di Gino

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In Milan, Don Gino Rigoldi is known and esteemed by everyone, regardless of the social class he belongs to, he is a point of reference for the Milan of solidarity. His face is known on television, where he often intervenes to offer his opinion on social and educational issues, linked to issues that are emblematic of contemporaneity.
The docufilm "Priest's sons" recounts the summer spent by Don Gino with his "sons", who consider Don Gino the emotional and normative "father" they never had. Gino is aware of their "needs" and follows them as a guide not only in everyday life in the city. In fact, he takes them to his friend's house on holiday, in Sardinia. Here in the beautiful setting of the Mediterranean island, spend carefree days, at the sea and in the mountains, playing football, swimming, walking, chatting; amid a joke, a laugh, an animated discussion, we know these guys - coming from all over the world, representatives of a profoundly changed multiethnic Italian society - who tell us what has been and what will be in their lives, bringing out the remorse for the errors committed and the desire to start over, to redeem themselves, to atone for being finally free.