I Will Survive

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I Will Survive (Conversazione privata)

original title:

Conversazione privata


Angelo Coli


Cristina Di Lorito

set design:

Riccardo Frascarella

costume design:

Francesca Cilli


Fabio D’Onofrio





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Ready (13/11/2018)

festivals & awards:

Jenny, a young actress and stage director, is about to debut with her first piece, a very personal text on the end of a troubled love story. Present and past, imagination and reality, will accompany Jenny during the play.

The idea behind the screenplay of "Conversazione Privata" (Private Conversation) comes from two sources: the text of the famous song by Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" and the evocative atmosphere that transmits an empty theater. Mixing these two starting points, and with the creative work of Nausicaa di Benedetto, we then arrived at the final script of the short film (departing from the initial hints), increasingly taking the form of a story about a new beginning. A story in which the “hero”, Jenny, can’t live her life fully due to the ghosts coming from her past and, only thanks to a strenuous act of strength, she will shake this burden and start, finally and freely, to make choices on her present and future life.
While writing, we were increasingly aware on the universality of the story. Indeed, we are all affected by the negative experiences of our past, and these experiences hold us back in our future choices. We are afraid of making mistakes again and we give up, we don’t even try. Jenny shows us that, even if difficult, we must believe it and try it, always.
The story is very little autobiographical if not just for this feeling of risking, of trying, of not settling. When I was just over 20, in a moment of utopian romanticism, I decided, from then on, that I would try to do what I wanted, as I wanted and when I wanted. Surely it was not always like this, you also make compromises, but I enjoyed it when I acted that way, when I disregarded all prejudices and not considered all the obstacles before my goal. I hope this film, even if short, is able to convey this message, or better, this point of view. The story of Jenny is an intimate and personal one, it could’ve been told in thousands of ways, but we decided to do it big; in fact, being a movie, we tried to spectacularize the emotions of the protagonist. For this reason, the moment of Jenny's new awareness doesn’t happen in a silent and isolated place with her immersed in her thoughts, but it happens in front of a full house theater who applaud to the success of her first play.