Le origini della cinematografia

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Le origini della cinematografia

Le origini della cinematografia

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Le origini della cinematografia

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Ready (13/11/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • Nevada International Film Festival 2018: Silver Screen Award Winner Documentary Feature Competition

This documentary, 'The Origins of Cinematography', documents the birth of Cinema and chronicles its evolution in time to become the seventh art form in the world; its fascinating journey from the primitive pre-cinema days, up through the golden era of Hollywood in the U.S. and Cinecitta ('Cinema City') in Rome, and finally to its post-modern techno state - was made possible by the creative genius of its early pioneers and the great film directors that fueled its growth. This documentary, enriched by expert academic commentary, helps the viewer understand how the craft of Cinematography evolved with each new technological innovation, such as the invention of the 'Magic Lantern', the Kinetoscope, and the Thaumatoscope. The magic of Cinema as it exists today, could not have been possible without these historical precursors, as as well as the concurrent evolution and interplay of Photography and Cinematography; this documentary is the fruit of extensive study and research, with the aim of conveying to audiences worldwide the poetic, introspective, and communicative power that constitutes the very spirit of this seventh art form in the world.