Who's afraid of Giuliano?

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Who's afraid of Giuliano? (Chi ha paura di Giuliano?)

Who's afraid of Giuliano? (Chi ha paura di Giuliano?)

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Chi ha paura di Giuliano?


Cesare Biondolillo, Paolo Saladino, Anna Attademo, Piero Gebbia, Francesco Cristiano Russo,Rossella Leone, Sabrina Lembo, Elena Pistillo, Daniele Musso, Santa Aprupe, Alessandro Fricano, Felice Napolitano, Rosario Cataldo



Micro Film, Arte & Cinema A&C





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colour & b/w


Ready (26/11/2018)

The Sicilian bandit Salvatore Giuliano is a controversial, mysterious figure, that caused a great interest and sensation not only in the Sicilian historical and political panorama, but in the Italian and international one, too, overcoming Sicilian borders. How would history have been different if the “Case Giuliano” had been different from the one we’ve known? Why are the papers that concern him still covered with State secrecy? Many are the questions that whirl around Salvatore Giuliano’s figure, whom someone considers only a young criminal, someone else a kind of Robin Hood, for sure his people and his land loved him, they often think of him, with affection.
Round Salvatore Giuliano gravitated mafiosi, the Italian and American State secret services. What is the truth about him and about his death? Was the body that was found on July 5, 1950 in the night, really his body? “ It’s sure that he’s dead”, this was the famous headline of the magazine L’Europeo, in 1950. And yet, not even this was ever certain.

“This is how I know the story, and I’ll tell it like this”. Giuliano’s lookout talks about that story, a boy who gave his support to Giuliano’s gang during seven years, during the period they went into hiding in the mountains round Palermo and who lived through events like the massacre at Portella della Ginestra and the strange relationship between Giuliano and the Italian and American Intelligence.

Mysteries are in the air around the bandit’s figure, other evidences and secrets are sounded out, in a “route” between truth and fiction, that moves along the interviews to the witnesses and the reconstruction of some events in Salvatore Giuliano’s life, emerged both from the accounts of witnesses still alive, found in different villages in Palermo’s neighborhood, and from the criminology’s report made ad hoc. It’s a breakthrough on the way leading to the search for historical truth, that is like a punch in the gut.

We don’t have to stop searching for the truth, in our opinion, because a Country that is without truth can neither feed and give hope, nor build up a good future for the own citizens.