Art Bridge

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Art Bridge

Art Bridge

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Art Bridge


Israt Jahan, Mony Naranch, Roxana Ene, Tiffany Zhou, Valentina Manduchi, Attilio Di Sanza, Paola Morini, Mardin Nazad, Coro di Bambini Se.. sta voce, Coro Multietnico Quintaumentata







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Ready (27/11/2018)

People, thoughts and cultures are in constant movement and change, moving in the search for more welcoming territories, wider physical and mental spaces. Everything is in continuous motion, we can imagine giving a name to this search, phenomenon, but we are all always in a constant moving. The Art Bridge talks about art and migration, talks about how artistic experience can be the place where the cultural identities of migrants and locas find a space for comparison and exchange. Today, the so-called "foreigner" arrives in Europe "disoriented", must learn new languages, customs and ways of relationship very different from those used in the country of origin; firstly, instinctively, he/she will look for a space where one can feel, at least in part, at home, a space where one can simply eat together, dance, sing his/her own songs, listen to others, make music, in short a place where Art happens. The documentary takes us right into these spaces, where Art becomes the main vehicle of excellence for an active and truly possible multicultural dialogue.