The Track

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The Track (La pista)

The Track (La pista)

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La pista







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Ready (27/11/2018)

Melaku comes from Ethiopia. when he was a child and he lived in an institute; then an Italian couple adopted him. He runs but also his mind runs in Ethiopia.
Alessia is a young woman. Three years ago, she won three Italian athletics prizes. So, she entered in the Italian Army. Soon after the victory, she started with strong pains and she had to operate and she can’t train more. Now, her permanence in the Italian Army depends on her.
Majiko is a young Japanese woman. She compares the running to her life: the victory or the failure depend on herself. She is preparing a competition of 100 km.
Elisabetta won a 100 km international running with the national team a world championship. Unfortunately, she couldn’t win; she wants try again this year.
Now let’s talk about Luca, the trainer. He too was a runner. During the last years as runner, he achieved good “time”; Somebody looked at him and he was in front of a very important choice: he had the opportunity to become an athlete, but he had to “programme” his athletic growing. He is asked of using doping. Luca simply answered, “no, thank you” otherwise, he couldn’t look himself at the mirror. He refused. So, he stopped his career, and he started to work as speaker during the athletic competitions and then as trainer.
Four years ago, Luca discovered his cancer at the last level, with metastasis everywhere. Luca thinks his cancer is a gift, because of this gift he can really live his life and he can train with another attitude, more seriously and giving much more strength and will to his athletes.
Melaku fixes the right time for the national competition, but, unfortunately he didn’t win. Alessia after many difficulties, started to compete.
Majiko didn’t finish the 100 km competition and the relation with Luca ended.
Elisabetta has a fantastic condition for the world championship.
Luca is living again despite the previsions of the doctors. He works as speaker and trainer and as he promised, he will go with Melaku in Ethiopia.