Lessons of Love (first feature)

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Lessons of Love

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Lessons of Love

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Yuri is thirty years old and has never had a girlfriend. Together with his father he runs a small farm in the mountains in a village with fewer and fewer inhabitants that he knows all too well, but one that was never really his choice. At the nightclub where he has been going since he was a boy he meets Agata, a stripteaser and he finally sees her as his chance to have a relationship.
In an attempt to save himself from a life of solitude, Yuri takes his own decision for the very first time: he leaves his father and family and moves to the suburbs of a nearby city. An uncle offers him a job and the chance to imagine a different life.

Lessons of Love takes place in the marginal world of a depopulated mountain village that borders on an industrial province. It is a rural world that mixes with that of untidy urban expansion. In the indifferent beauty and the violence of a similar landscape we created this delayed ‘coming of age’ that has no definite conclusion, but leads to new questions. Yuri is overwhelmed by the possibility of love and he painfully realizes he has to make choices. Nobody will come and look for him or save him from his frustration or his solitude. He has to act by himself and in accordance with his own desires. In a sort of initiation into doubt, into the awareness of having to decide, the physical and emotional journey he sets out on describes the need to follow the drive of our desire in order to understand who we really are.