Darkness (first feature)

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Darkness (Buio)

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festivals & awards:

  • TIFF-Transilvania International Film Festival 2020: Focus Italy
  • Rome Film Fest 2019: Alice nella città - Panorama Italia - Prize Raffaella Fioretta for Best Italian Film
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2019: First Feature Competition
  • Festival de Cinemà Univerciné 2020: Prix des Lyceens
  • Cheltenham International Film Festival 2020
  • MotelX Lisbon International Horror Film Festival 2020
  • Eunic Film Festival 2020
  • Nightstream Film Festival 2020: Boston Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Fest, The Overlook Film festival, Pop-Corn frights Film Festival
  • Lund International Film Festival 2020
  • Sydney Science fiction Film Festival 2020: Best Lead Actress (Denise Tantucci)
  • Porretta Cinema 2020: Jury Prize
  • Splat! Film Fest 2020
  • Tel Aviv Fantastic Film Festival 2020
  • REC festival 2020
  • European Union Film Showcase

Stella, 17-year-old, and her younger sisters, Luce and Aria, are locked inside their house with bars on the windows. Out there the Apocalypse: two thirds of humanity is dead since sunlight has become too strong and men only can go outside, women can’t stand it. Their claustrophobic life is brightened up by some special games, such as the air party. But their father gets angry: he would like them to completely erase the past. Things break down when Luce, the second daughter, who is by now a teenager, starts asking about the outside. Stella defends her sister by defying their Father, who moves away. The girls stay locked in their house, alone, with no food…