I can’t rest (first feature)

original title:

No potho reposare

italian title:

La terra delle donne

directed by:


set design:

costume design:



Fidela Film, New Time, Rai Cinema, with the support of Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Sardegna, with the support of Sardegna Film Commission Foundation








In post-production (26/11/2021)

Fidela is the village witch: she is able to counter evil in other’s lives and gives birth to all children belonging to them, but never to her own. It is the rule: no man can touch her. All she’s allowed to do is adopt another seventh born girl like her, to preserve her knowledge and witchcraft. And when Bastiana, an illegitimate daughter, will become “hers”, all the ancient dogmas will no longer apply, because Fidela will later figure out, thanks to her ordeal, the discovery of her beauty to be finally a woman and mother, like her peers. In a timeless place marked by probing eyes, when sexual and intimate things happen under the guise of darkness, Bastiana will start a silent but powerful revolution to unmask the inquisition of the human soul. Domus de Janas and sacred Wells, small towns of stone and nuragic Menhir with ancestral powers, alkaline water, brebus and the power of popular gossip like extreme condemnation: here are the places where the complex interweaving of popular life can be balanced with what one can say or what can only happen in the comfort of one’s home. An extraordinary and moving story of natural power. True magic or superstition? Rebellion or bond with tradition? Carnal passion or love? Maybe there is no choice... Or maybe there is, as a choice is always there.