Operation Chaos. The Feltrinelli Enigma (first feature)

original title:

Operazione Caos. L’enigma Feltrinelli

directed by:


Storyteller, with the support of Regione Sardegna, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation








Development/Pre-production (10/05/2022)

March 14, 1972. Under a high voltage pylon, near Milan, the dead body of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli is found. He was killed by the explosion of TNT that he was triggering, says the police. Billionaire, successful publisher, friend of Fidel Castro and supporter of left-wing movements all over the world: that’s who Feltrinelli was. Two young reporters decide to carry out their own independent investigation, to clear up the mystery of Feltrinelli’s death. Feltrinelli’s adventurous life is re-enacted through various flashbacks and, as in the Kurosawa’s movie Rashomon, different versions of what happened that night are compared. Sid, Cia, Mossad, Kgb: Feltrinelli had lots of dangerous enemies. Among them, a track leads the two reporters to Sardinia, the island that Feltrinelli wanted to change into Mediterranean Cuba. Were from Sardinia the bandits who executed the order to kill Feltrinelli? The film tells a story of intrigue, passion, betrayal in the Italy of political turmoil.