Story of a redemption

original title:

Storia di un riscatto

directed by:



Superotto, with the support of Regione Sardegna, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation








Development/Pre-production (06/01/2024)

Giuseppe Vinci, 32, was the manager of one of the largest family-run supermarkets in Sardinia. Several kidnap attempts of Giuseppe and other members of his family were made, but none of which had been successful. Until in December 1994 when Giuseppe was kidnapped by the “Anonima Sarda”. His family was devastated but utterly determined to bring him home. After receiving a ransom request everything appeared set to ensure his release when the national news announced the unfounded story that the ransom was 15 million lire, a sum far greater than the family had been asked for, and so the negotiations were abruptly halted. The family were blackmailed repeatedly, and despite the generous collections pulled together by staff members of the family business, the state refused to help and even blocked the family’s assets. After 8 long months, in fact, the longests kidnap in the history of “Anonima Sarda”, Giuseppe was finally freed. This documentary focuses on the various stages of Giuseppe’s kidnapping and the incomprehensible ambivalence of the Italian State. The family were even forced to pay taxes on the ransom leading to the failure of their business. Today, Giuseppe is 54 and runs a restaurant and is still coming to terms with his ordeal.