Alganesh - Hope on the Horizon

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Alganesh - Hope on the Horizon (Alganesh)

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Italy / Ethiopia



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Ready (11/12/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • RushDocs Film Festival Los Angeles USA 2019: Audience Award
  • Trani Film Festival 2019: Special Jury Mention
  • MasterDoc Film Festival Los Angeles 2019: Best Social Documentary
  • Monaco Charity Film Festival 2019: Best Director
  • International Spiritual Film Festival Zajecar - Serbia 2019: Best Photography, Audience Award
  • Silk Road Film Festival China 2018: Honorary Media
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno 2018: Premio Migliore Documentario
  • Filmmaker Day 2018: Menzione Speciale ArtInMovimento
  • Festival de Cine de los Derechos Humanos 2018: Franja Migracion - Premio Especial Juana Cuadrado Realizadoras Femeninas
  • Indian Cine Film Festival 2018: Honorable Jury Mention
  • New Delhi Film Festival: 2018: Top 3rd Film Documentary
  • Festival del Cinema di Taurasi 2018: Concorso Documentari - Premio Taurasi d’Argento Migliore Fotografia
  • Siloe Film Festival 2018: Concorso Cortometraggi - Menzione Speciale
  • Near Nazareth Film Festival 2018
  • Izmit Film Festival Turchia 2018
  • Festival Mundial De Cine Extremo De Veracruz 2018
  • Bangkokthai International Film Festival 2018
  • International Film and Video Festival Catharsis 2018
  • Khouribga International Documentary Film Festival 2018
  • Monaco Charity Film Festival 2019
  • Luxor African Film Festival2019: Freedom Films
  • RushDoc International Documentary Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • Dhaka International Film Festival 2019: Woman Filmmaker
  • Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival 2018: International Competition 40 - 70
  • Festival del Cinema Spirituale Tertio Millennio 2018: Concorso
  • Marda Loop Justice Film Festival 2018: Panorama
  • MyArt Film Festival 2018 Concorso Documentari
  • Filmmaker Day 2018: Concorso
  • Migranti Film Festival 2018: Concorso Documentari
  • Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival 2018

On the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, after decades of war, today another battle is fought: that of survival for thousands of refugees fleeing from the dictatorship.
There are 5 refugee camps of the Eritreans on the Ethiopian border, and life takes place with enormous difficulties due to the lack of water, the lack of basic necessities, but above all the lack of a future.Three protagonists of the film: Dr. Alganesh Fessah, Italian Eritrean, a life in the forefront for her fellow-citizens fleeing; the refugees arriving from the border: Ethiopia, a land that receives a total of one million people fleeing from Eritrea, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo.
Dr. Alganesh, who does not want to be called a “hero”, spends her life for the weakest among the refugees. She started the humanitarian corridors for the most desperate cases, supports the various camps, goes to the Egyptian prisons to free the prisoners, and is on the front row in Sinai to free those abducted and tortured. Does Alganesh glimpse hope on the horizon?