Shapes of Africa (first feature)

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Shapes of Africa (Questa notte parlami dell'Africa)

Shapes of Africa (Questa notte parlami dell'Africa)

Shapes of Africa (Questa notte parlami dell'Africa)

original title:

Questa notte parlami dell'Africa


Luigi Dimitri, Francesca Muci, Corrado Azzollini, Carolina Boco, from the novel "Questa notte parlami dell’Africa" by Alessandra Soresina



Gabriel Cenci

set design:

Benedetta De Pinto


Alberto Salini





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Emma, a lawyer - stuck in between the end of a love story and a job that is draining her last drop of energy - she can not handle it anymore. She decides to leave and the case chooses for her Africa.
Nuri, a young African girl, though intimately faithful to her Muslim beliefs and traditions, finds herself increasingly inconsistent with the integrity of his family, made up of rules, obligations and prohibitions; her hunger to discover the world, is increased by the fascinated myth of the West, secretly spread among the girls of her age. The dazzling beauty of the uncontaminated nature mixed to the complexity of a social reality sometimes difficult to understand, affect the pathways of Emma and Nuri. The unexpected and overwhelming pleasures, the growing desire for adventure and freedom, will strike for these two souls a common destiny, towards the crucial choice: which life is really worth living.

“Shapes of Africa” is a story set on the backdrop of a unique and special place which is the African continent.
It’s the story of friendship between two different women coming from very different lifestyles who will meet in growing desire of breaking the rules and changing their destiny.
From the sparkling and comfortable European life, Emma dives herself into an unknown adventure that, like a siren, will bring her closer to know her true heart and soul. This movie will plumb the thousands colors of women, in a wonderful and tough land, that offers new and unimaginable scenery that astonishes and enhances the viewer. “Shapes of Africa” is the story of these two souls and a land with a devastating beauty.