Tony Driver

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Tony Driver

Tony Driver

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Tony Driver

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Dugong Films, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Fulgura Frango, Rabid Film, with the support of Apulia Film Commission

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Italy / Mexico



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To tell the story of Pasquale Donatone means entering in a dream, breaking it with your own hands and be forced to look at the damages for ten years. Tony Driver is a story about immigration, drugs, love and sense of belonging to a country that changes you forever: The United States of America.
Pasquale Donatone, aka Tony, left Italy 40 years ago when he was a small child. Not knowing other ways of life, he grew up to become deeply American. He never returned to Italy till bad circumstances forced him to. Tony did some mistakes, the biggest was to sign to be deported instead of going to jail for ten years in Arizona, because of his “second job”- while being a taxi driver for the Yuma City Cab Company, he also used to smuggle illegal Mexican migrants and drugs into the US. He got caught, exactly when he was living at the most.
Now he is a backward deportee in his native country and has to wait ten years before he can return to the US. But ten years is a long time for an "American old dog", like Tony likes to call himself. Italy seems hopeless to him, a land with no opportunities, and Tony is on the verge of madness.
Will he accept his fate at the risk of crashing or his tough temper will push him to play hazard once again?