Trash (first feature)

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Al One, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio, Regione Campania, Film Commission Regione Campania





film run:



4K - colour

release date:



animation film

festivals & awards:

  • Giffoni Film Festival 2021: School Experience - Best Film
  • Locarno Film Festival 2021: Locarno Kids
  • WorldFest-Houston 2021: Independent Theatrical Features - Animated - Silver Remi
  • Zlin Film Festival 2021: International Competition
  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2020: Largometrajes - Audience Award
  • Rome Film Fest 2020: Alice nella città - Opening Event
  • Shanghai International Film Festival 2020: SIFF Animation
  • Cinekid 2020: Out of Competition
  • Silk Road International Film Festival - Xi’An 2020: Focus on Italy
  • Cartoon On The Bay 2020
  • Capri, Hollywood 2020
  • JEF Festival 2021
  • Golden Bee International Children’s Film Festival 2021: Official Selection
  • Banff World Media Festival 2021: International Competition for Animation Youth
  • ANIMA - Festival Internacional de Animación de Córdoba 2021: Animaciones en competencia
  • Indian Cine Film Festival 2021: Best Animation
  • Rolan Film Festival 2021: Best Long Animation Film
  • Festival del Cinema Europeo 2021: Premio Mario Verdone - Menzione Speciale
  • Cartoon On The Bay 2021: Animated feature film - Best Director
  • Bettiah International Film Festival 2021: Best Animation
  • Fabrique du Cinéma Awards 2021: Nomination for Best Soundtrack
  • Monstra Festival 2022: Special Sessions

Boxes, bottles, cans. Garbage. Abandoned everywhere. Ignored by everyone. Inert. Until nightfall. Slim is an old cardboard box. Resigned to his fate, he doesn’t believe in the legend of the Magic Pyramid: a magical place where it’s possible for all garbage to be Carriers again, useful to themselves and others. His life changes when a small box, Spark, interrupts his routine. Spark involves Slim and his pal Bubbles in an adventure which will take him to the place where he belongs, a toy store. But someone is looking for Spark. The disused Kudo, lord of the landfill. Kudo’s gang pursues the group until they capture him. After an epic battle Slim saves Spark and they are able to find the Magic Pyramid. At its feet their destiny is fulfilled, they are given a second chance: another life.