Mai per sempre

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original title:

Mai per sempre

directed by:


costume design:

Gina Oliva


Goccia Film, Antracine, Vertigo Film, Nicheco Holding, Centodue service, Giustemply





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Napoli Film Festival 2019: Concorso Europa/Mediterraneo
  • Capri Hollywood 2019: Official Selection
  • Festival del cinema di Sezze 2020: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Gianni Parisi)
  • Festival del Cinema di Lenola 2020: Prize “Oro invisibile”, Best Supporting Actor (Emiliano De Martino), Best Supporting Actress (Lucia Batassa)
  • Festival del cinema di Manfredonia 2020: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Massimiliano Rossi)
  • Ariano International Film Festival 2020: Critics Award
  • Festival del cinema di Villammare 2020: Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Gianni Parisi)
  • Los Angeles International Indipendent Film Fest 2019: Best Film
  • Los Angeles Underground Film Forum 2020: Special Jury Mention
  • Hollywood New Director 2020: Special Jury Mention for Direction
  • SFAAF Santiago del Cile 2020: Best Direction, Best Leading Actress (Yulya Mayerchuk), Best Cinematography, Best Production
  • NIFF Festival London 2020: Best Film with Social theme
  • Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2020: Best Film
  • Kiarostami Film Festival 2020: Best Film
  • Kosice Intarnational film festival 2020: Special Mention, Best Leading Actress (Yulya Mayerchuk)
  • South&Art International Film Festival 2020: Best Film, Best Leading Actor (Fabio Massa), Best Supporting Actress (Cristina Donadio), Best Screenplay
  • New York Movie Awards 2020: Best Direction
  • Tagore International Film Festival 2020: Best Film

A group of young friends, both Italians and immigrants, fight to get a job and cope with problems of every day life.