The Lions of Lissa

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The Lions of Lissa

The Lions of Lissa

original title:

The Lions of Lissa

italian title:

I leoni di Lissa

directed by:


Nicolò Bongiorno, Tina Hajon


Allegria Films, Pari Pikule


Italy / Croatia



film run:





Ready (28/01/2019)

Shedding a new light in the deepest depths of the Adriatic sea, a modern fairy tale that renews the spirit of underwater exploration. "The Lions of Lissa" is the second chapter of the trilogy of "human adventure" exploration documentaries written and directed by Nicolò Bongiorno. Based on the backdrop of the story of the legendary "battle of Lissa" (1866), the first fleet battle ever involving Ironclad warships, which triggered a fundamental geopolitical junction for several European nations in the context of the "Italian Risorgimento". Crossing the boundaries of genres between the classical films of naturalistic exploration, and the literary Greek "circumnavigation Periplo's" that combined real history and imagined history, the story is represented as a poetic and personal tale full of action and wonder, in a mosaic of visual, historical, anthropological and mythological references. The documentary team has accomplished an underwater photography work of the highest technical value on a legendary wreck lost in the depths of the Adriatic sea, and from the point of view of naval archaeological history carrying out a deep and complex dive of significant scientific value.