The Missing Trait

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The Missing Trait (Il tratto mancante)

The Missing Trait (Il tratto mancante)

original title:

Il tratto mancante

directed by:




set design:

Rossella Roan

costume design:


Ruggero Roan, Piera Carollo






film run:



HD - colour

aspect ratio:



Ready (01/12/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2019
  • ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2019: Shorts
  • Torino Underground Cinefest 2019
  • Punto di Vista Film Festival 2018: Best Cinematography Award
  • On Art 2019: 2nd Best Short
  • Festival International du Film de Nancy 2019: Official Selection
  • Festival Internazionale Inventa un Film 2019: Official Selection
  • Festival Internazionale Corti sul Lettino 2019: Best Short, Best Actor
  • Tetova International Film Festival ODA 2019: Official Selection
  • Tehran International Short Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • Blue Danube Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • Accordi e Disaccordi Int. Short Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • Festival international Signes de Nuit 2019: Official Selection
  • River Film Festival 2020: Official Selection

A room with large windows embraces a surreal environment in which a mysterious man with a hat is desperately looking for something. Curious people appear at the window until an unexpected visit suddenly poses a question. As in a closed circle with no apparent way out, may two halves finally come together and disclose the secret behind a locked door?

Inspired by the Surrealist masters of the last century, “The Missing Trait” depicts the sensations and thoughts of a man at a turning point in his life. The text is intentionally ambiguous, leaving each viewer to his or her own interpretation, according to one's background and life experience. The evolution of the protagonist's thought is here symbolized through figures, icons and objects associations, in a surreal environment that recalls the diversity between the rational and irrational behaviour of our mind. Under the superficial code of normality, what deeper specific meaning would be enough, for each one of us, to come to peace with ourselves and, perhaps, make us feel accepted by the outer world?