The Anarchist who came from America

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The Anarchist who came from America (L'anarchico venuto dall'America)

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L'anarchico venuto dall'America

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Andrea Anastasio, Giorgia Calandrini, Ginevra Caselli, Francesco Tasselli, Stefano Luci, Roberto Carlesi, Francesco Del Puglia, Sebastiano Baroni, Claudio Casale, Luigi Bacci, Antonio Avitabile, Emanuele Biagi




Alfafilm, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the contribution of Toscana Film Commission

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colour & b/w

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The documentary film tells about life and death of Gaetano Bresci, the Italian anarchist who came back from USA to Italy to kill king Umberto I, on July 29th 1900, shooting him three revolver shots in Monza. The film focuses on the main stages of Bresci's private and political life. Why had he emigrated and what were the reasons for his act that led him to abandon his wife Sophie and his daughter Madeleine? And which were the causes of his death? Did he commit suicide as the official version maintains, or did he "get suicided" as all the hstorians and journalists who took care of the case believe now? The documentary film tells in a rigorous way the events that led young Bresci to emigrate to Paterson( New Jersey), and then return to Italy to kill the king, through fiction scenes, interviews with historians and university teachers, original video materials.