Citizen Rosi

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Citizen Rosi

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Citizen Rosi


Carolina Rosi

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Rosi invented a new narrative style for a cinema that until then had not existed. His films are the result of research and surveys about different situations in the country: he worked on documents, on “what was known”. He described the ‘power’ that corrupts and corrupts itself when combined with criminality. The narrative wanders through Rosi’s films, not in the order they were shot but following the chronology of the historical facts they deal with. The documentary therefore not only narrates Rosi’s work, but also portrays half a century of Italian history. With their social commitment, his films have made entire generations reflect. However, above all Rosi anticipated the narration of a democracy that was polluted by corruption from the very start. Rosi and his daughter Carolina accompany us on this journey, with fragments from his interviews that give both meaning and intensity to his cinema. Amongst the countless interviewees are magistrates, journalists, directors and friends.

Citizen Rosi originated from an urgent need, a desire to reread cinema and Rosi’s life as a contemporary example of democratic commitment, hence the title Citizen Rosi. His films represent such an important value in the history of our country, both cinematographically and socially, that we decided to work at different levels: at a cinematographic-artistic level and on the journalistic reconstruction of the subjects in question. An additional private and emotional level is what allowed us to unify the two narrative levels with Carolina Rosi’s voice and face. She is therefore the one who weaves the emotional with the artistic and historical.